Lightweight Construction

Method used for a long time in the North American region, Europe, or Asia for constructing, renovating, or expanding residential and commercial projects.

Lightweight systems use fiber cement panels or slabs that are installed on metal or wood structures to build roofs, subfloors, indoor or outdoor walls, facades, and more. This technique is fully safe and has excellent proven performance in case of earthquakes and hurricanes.

Plycem Fiber Cement

Technology that has been in the market for 54 years ago and was patented by the company Plycem. Fiber cement is a fully versatile, modular, and lightweight material that is as resistant as cement. It is the perfect combination to guarantee safe works that last forever. It is resistant to impacts, moisture, plagues, and fungus. Additionaly, it is non-combustible and has high durability and useful life.

Plycem products are manufactured at modern and innovative production sites located in Costa Rica and El Salvador. They have advanced robotic technology that is unique in the region. We strongly believe in innovation and development. Therefore, in the last 3 years, we have made an aggressive investment of more than $15,000,000 to keep our position as leaders of fiber cement.