In 1964, a company that would later become the most important fiber cement manufacturer and leader of the lightweight construction in America was founded in Costa Rica. Additionally, it has business presence in more than 30 countries in the region.

Currently known as Plycem, our company has been dedicated for more than five decades to develop and improve the fiber cement technology -of which we are the pioneers, thus constantly innovating the development of products that are characterized for offering differentiating values to any of our customers.

Plycem belongs to the Mexican consortium Elementia - a solid group publicly traded on the BMV (Mexican Stock Exchange) and that includes the most important companies from the construction sector. Elementia has more than 30 production plants in the region, which manufacture fiber cement products, cement, polyethylene, styrene, copper, and aluminium.

We promote a full portfolio of fiber cement solutions that can be used for residential or commercial constructions, expansions, and renovations. We manufacture roof sheathing, ceilings or tiles, subfloors, walls, facades, and a wide variety of architectural products.

We offer products that comply with the most stringent international standards and certifications to guarantee maximum safety. We operate under a framework of ethics and responsibility. Additionally, we are pioneers of "responsible construction" at any level, and we offer different reference tools for those who are part of a construction decision process.

Who are we?

We are a company with international presence that manufactures and markets products for the construction industry.



Make a difference in the construction field by generating value in a sustainable way for our shareholders, partners, customers, and communities.


Be the favorite supplier in the construction industry.


  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Commitment


  • Result-oriented approach
  • Innovation
  • Safety


Integrated Management System Policies

Plycem Construsistemas is an organization dedicated to manufacture and market products and accessories for integrated solutions in the construction field. It operates under quality, environment, safety, health, and social responsibility standards.

We are committed to continuously improve the efficiency and performance of our Integrated Management System through the participation of partners in order to:

  • Meet the expectations of our customers by ensuring the quality and the requirements agreed regarding products, processes, and services.
  • Prevent diseases and injuries, protect the health and safety of partners and third parties that have a relationship with our organization.
  • Identify environmental aspects, efficiently use resources, prevent contamination, and focus on controlling the environmental impacts of our processes.
  • Fulfill the applicable legal requirements, corporate guidelines, and other requirements subscribed.